Polyboard Yard Signs are printed in full color on premium 24pt board stock that is polyethylene coated on both sides. Polyboard Yard Signs are printed on 22″ x 28″ sheets that are scored in half to be folded to 22″ X 14″. Use them for political campaigns and event promotions to get your message noticed. They are the ideal short-term signage solution. U-Frames are available for purchase.

Polyboard Yard Signs are made of durable 24pt board stock, polyethylene coated on both sides. They are recommended for short-term use. Extreme weather conditions, moisture and/or excessive heat or cold may affect the longevity of the product.

Recommended installation options:
Polyboard Yard Signs are pre-scored and ready to fold around a U-Frame. After folding, they can be stapled on either side with most standard medium to heavy duty staples to secure in place. They can also be glued or taped together.

U-Frames are Zinc plated 9 gauge steel wires shaped in U for Polyboard signs yard placement. U-Frames are best used on soft ground such as dirt, soil, grass.