Trifecta | Triple Layered Paper

Pearl 35pt. | Trifecta
Feel the canvas like texture for a rush of opulence, perfect for any season. The 650 gsm Kanvas paper owes its high quality look and feel to its “Solar White” surface that is lined between a Pearl core. The best way to make your prints so palpable that the impression they leave will be everlasting. It’s time your designs reached a new level of grandiose by printing them onto our 35 pt. thick paper stock, topped with an exquisite tactile finish.

Black 38pt. | Trifecta
With an impressive thickness and tangible, velvety texture on the surface, the 38pt. Trifecta black Triple-Layered Ultimate is a card stock that looks and feels incredible.  Printed on 700 gsm “Smart White” paper with a black middle layer that is thicker than the two white layers, this paper stock is designed to provide depth and a unique appearance.  These cards have a Velvet Finish to give them a nice textured feel. It’s simply the perfect tool for when you want to be unforgettable.

Red 38pt. | Trifecta
What better way is there to be front and center, than with a set of stunning 38pt. Trifecta Red Triple-Layered Ultimate cards. With a 38 point thickness (700 gsm), these ultra-thick cars have a striking red middle to set you apart from the crowd. Printed on “Smart White” paper, the red middle layer is thicker than the outer white layers, for a noticeable, bold appearance. These cards have a Velvet Finish to give them a nice textured feel. The result is a potent tool that us to sure start a conversation or two, anywhere you go.

Green 24pt. | Trifecta
Triple-Layered Ultimate is a premium stock with a quality you can both see and feel.  Printed on 520 gsm “Smart White” paper, a velvet finish is applied to the surface for a textured feel.  Thick and layered with a vivid green color in the middle, this is one card stock that will truly make you stand out.

Also Available in SPECIAL SHAPES