High quality full color offset printing on 100lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating (C2S) paper.

Mini menus or sometimes called pocket menus are a great way to give your future returning customers more information about your menu. These will easily fit into the back of a persons pants wallet or purse.

mini menu web


• 4 x 10

• 100lb Gloss Cover with Aqueous Coating (C2S)
• EndurACE
• Brown Kraft

A mini menu is a good take-out menu for a small restaurant. For bigger restaurants, a mini menu can act as a supplement to the main menu or the larger take-out menus. Many people enjoy taking menus home, and the lightweight mini menus can fit easily into a purse or pocket.

If your restaurant is near a mall, you can hand out your mini menus to pedestrians or place them under the windshield wipers of car windows, provided the mall management allows these activities. Other places to hand them out include outdoor areas with substantial tourist foot traffic, food-related trade shows, and hotels (with management permission). In the case of hotels, it is best to ask for placement in the guest rooms.